Extending Great Lines

The house has great lines that were accentuated by building off and extending these into the outdoor space.  Incorporating these tie in’s helps to create open connections and balance. The house also has a very well-balanced material pallet we didn’t want to disrupt; therefore, we limited the introduction additional materials, including minimizing the number of plant species.

Making Connections

We are able achieve these design goals in a couple of different ways.  By extending the existing tile front walk an exaggerated axis that accentuates this feature and strengthens the connection of the new pool deck and the house is created.  We include other ornamental elements replicating the existing material pallet.

Complementary Elements

Planters, storage and the pool equipment screen are composed of materials that match materials already included house.  Weathering steel planters are incorporated to match existing foundation planters, and a polished grey concrete coping and pool deck compliment the smooth finished white stucco of the house. The plant pallet is also limited, and species are selected with the site’s new amenities in mind creating well defined spaces, while maintaining the open and connected feel.

Bold Features

Bold features requested by the client are incorporated to set his pool apart.  A 24’ long fire feature with electronic ignitions in a bed of white glass, and 5 LED laminars are included. Finally, An all-white glass mosaic tile interior finish really sets the pool off.

Balance, flow, and connection work together to create a space that looks as if it was originally built with the house.

The final product is a space that fit the client’s needs and personality.

Project Vendors

Pool tile
Kolorines 1 x 1 – 50% Nacar + 50% Ostion www.kolorines.com

Pool Main Drain
Paramount MDX w/ SDX Sidewall suction

Spa Main Drain
Paramount superflow 360 www.1paramount.com

Pool Chaise Lounges
Ledge Loungers – Chair www.ledgeloungers.com

Fire features
Fire By Design – 24’ Line Burner w/ duel Electronic Ignition System (AWEIS)  www.firebydesign.com

Water Feature
Jandy – Laminar Jet www.jandy.com

Patio Furniture
Castelle HCH28 SA Moderna bar table
Castelle Orion Chaise lounge www.castelleluxury.com

Landscape Lighting
Hinkley Lighting- Atlantis 1518 HE-LED www.hinkleylighting.com

TV Enclosure
The TV Shield – 65 – 70” outdoor waterproof TV Enclosure www.thetvshield.com

Shelter Outdoors – P6 DUO Square XL Retractable Cantilever Duel umbrella
P6 Support in ground support www.shelteroutdoor.com